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Down Air Flow Truck Paint Booth
Technical Parameter
Inside Dimension14850×4850×4550(mm)(L×W×H)
Outside Dimension15000×6500×5125(mm)(L×W×H)
Entrance DoorAluminum alloy binding framework(thickness: 1.8mm),1 set folding door size: 4000×4500(mm)(W*H)
Personal Door2 set side hung door:700*1700mm(W*H)
Wallboard75mm EPS(epispastics polystyrene )insulation material with S=0.526 two side steel panel
Lighting SystemLamp boxes are 45° fixed on upper two side,with 18 groups*3pcs=54pcs 20w energy saving LED lamp,with 18 groups side light.
Air Intake and Exhaust SystemWith 4pcs centrifugal air blowers,Single parameter:YDW5.6m.4kw.12500m3/h
With 2pcs centrifugal air blower,Single parameter:YDW-710H.7.5KW.23000m3/h
Cabinet SettingIntake air from upside,downside exhaust wind.
Frame is made of tube 50*50mm, body plate is made of galvanized plate(thickness:0.8mm).
Air ductMade of Galvanized plate(Thickness is 0.8mm),700*700*1000,3 pcs straight,1 pc elbow
Heating SystemEquipped with 20 groups*3=60 pcs of infrared carbon fiber heating lamps,1000W/piece.
The operating temperature:50℃-60℃.Max. temperature:75℃
Filtration SystemCeiling equipped with CC-G650type high-efficiency filter,which can effectively filter the 5PM dust particles.The top filter cotton mesh is light stainless steel.
Environmental SystemEach cabinet with three layers of activated carbon, plus an Environmental protection cabinet.
RoofThe top beam, wall and frame 40 x 80 are galvanized square pipe. 75mm EPS(epispastics polystyrene )insulation material with S=0.526mm two side steel panel
Control SystemPainting,Baking,Temperature Controller, Breakdown Indicator, Power Switch, Emergency Stop Switch, and Time Setting
BasementHigh performance antirust treatment grille galvanized on the trench, the shape of channel steel is convex, Channel steel column.and the two rows of grille made of vertical column are trench type.(the civil trench is made by the demander)
Voltage Frequency380V 50HZ
Light Intensity≧1000luxes
Air Flow Speed≧0.25m/s
Total Power92 KW
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